One Nation, One Ziko.

About Us

“One Ziko” is a combination of two words; "One" an English adjective used before a noun to imply 'being a single unit or thing' and "Ziko" a word from a local Zambian language, Nyanja, meaning 'Nation or World'.

These two words combined would translate to 'One World or One Nation'.

In our view, this best describes the objective behind One Ziko. We bring together a vast array of information, relevant to the nation, contributed by people from our online community and present it to the public on multiple web and mobile services.

The aim on each platform is to provide a unique experience, dedicated to a specific aspect in our society or daily life. We aim promote, preserve and share our local Zambian heritage and culture with the rest of the world.

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    View/ Join

    View/ Join any of our online communities and learn about interesting facts, recent headlines, lyrics to popular songs and recent song releases.

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    Contribute content on our various web and mobile platforms to reach a wider audience and to educate others in the community. If you are a creative artist or music artist, we provide platforms on which to market your content to the relevant audeince.

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    We allow you to Share any content either contributed by you or others in the community. If you find it interesting and feel others would like it or if you would like to reach users on other social network communities, we facilitate various sharing and bookmarking options.

Our Services

Currently available and planned One Ziko services.

We currently have four (4) running services; Zambian Facts, Zambian Headlines, Zambian Lyrics and Zambian Music Timeline,
two (2) coming soon; Zambian Creatives and Maliketi eXchange
and two (2) under development; e-Mpiya Online & Mobile Payments System and Njila Maps.